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Sub Account Teams
Nexweave recently updated its UI and got a new look! You will notice differences (especially in the colors) between the graphics and screenshots you see in this article and the corresponding sections within the Nexweave platform. Don’t worry though, because the steps and processes this article details remain the same. Moreover, we’re going to update this article to reflect our platform changes very soon. Stay tuned and keep reading!

Sub accounts can add members to join their teams in the same way as detailed in the article - creating and managing teams

However it is important to note a few differences:

1. Sub accounts cannot add members that are already registered Nexweave users. The email entered in the invitation cannot be associated with an existing Nexweave account

2. The number of team members that can be added by a sub-account is determined by the number allotted by the master account

3. Sub accounts themselves cannot be added as team members.

4. Sub-account team members cannot add additional members to their team. Under their My Account section, they do not have a manage team option

5. Sub-account team members also do not have workspaces of their own. They are automatically added to the workspace of the sub account whose team they are a part of. 

Hence any templates they work on, campaigns they run and subsequent credits consumed are from the sub-account itself. 

To learn more about sub-accounts and master accounts, please have a look at the linked article.

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