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Connecting Webhooks To Nexweave Videos

Nexweave now allows you to connect webhooks from your choice of platform to your interactive video campaigns. You can use this to:

  • Collect information on how your audience interacts with your video  

  • And share it with your internal CRM, automation platforms etc!

All you need to get started is your interactive Nexweave video and a webhook URL from your choice of platform. In our demonstration, we are sending information from Nexweave to Zapier

Please note : You can use any tool or platform that offers a Webhook URL 

1. Start by identifying or creating an interactive video  that you would like to use.

2. Remember, this video must be an interactive one. That means it must contain at least one or more interactive elements. One of the following interactive behaviors can be attributed to an element in a video:

  • Redirect

  • Seek

  • Email

  • Phone

In our demonstration, we have used a video where we ask our audience if they would like to book a meeting with us

Each of the provided options has been assigned an interactive behavior.

To learn more about interactions and adding them to your video please refer to the linked article

3. In addition to interactive elements, webhooks can also share information collected from the form widget within your video!

4. Once your video is set up, proceed to the Campaigns section and click on Create a new campaign

5. Set your campaign name and set the campaign type as video. Then proceed by selecting the video you configured in the previous steps

6. Next, extract the webhook URL from the platform/ tool you are using and paste it into the Webhook URL input within the Nexweave campaign

In our demonstration, we have generated the webhook URL from Zapier.

7. Once your campaign setup is complete, click on Save and proceed to continue. 

8. Next, activate your campaign. You can use either the Bulk link or URL override methods to activate and launch your campaign.
Click on the relevant link to learn more about either activation methods

9. Once your campaign is launched and your video has been shared with your audience, the webhook will be triggered anytime they click on any of the interactions! 

Let’s see this in action:

  • Here we have a sample URL of our video :

  • We’ll execute one of the interactions and then test the trigger in Zapier

As you can see, each of the triggered interactions have been recorded along with the action label and type!

You can go ahead and add any step to this workflow, including linking it to your CRM, sending a follow up email, message or connecting to google sheets!

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