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Running a URL override campaign

A  URL Override campaign produces a single link or Embed Code, for the selected media templates. This link can be overridden to match the personalized variables used on the email marketing or chat platform of your choosing.

When this link is parsed through your contact list on the platform, a personalized image or video link is generated for your contacts in real-time. 

Within Campaigns start by clicking on Create a New Campaign.

The Campaign process is divided into 2 tabs: Configure & Activate.

Let’s start by configuring the campaign.

Configuring the Campaign:

1. Enter the Campaign Name. 

2. Select the Media type for the campaign.

  • Select Image, If you want to share a single Image template. 

  • Select video if you want to share a single Video.

  • Select Image + Video if you wish to share a Personalised Image and Video template with your audience.

In our demonstration, we will be showcasing how you can create a campaign with the type Image + video.

3. Next, select the media templates from each dropdown for Image, Video, and thumbnail. The templates that appear within this list are those that are saved within your My Template libraries.

4. For an Image + Video Campaign, you have to select :

  • An Image Template

  • A Video template

  • A thumbnail for the video

The thumbnail template drop-down list consists of personalized images within your My Templates library.

5. For any campaign that contains a video you can also add a Webhook URL if you wish to share information from the selected to video to any external platforms 

6. Next, set the Image URL, which is the URL that your selected image template will have. This can be: 
- The default URL : which is Nexweave's default URL for images 
- Whitelabel Domain: you can also select your custom image domain, if configured

please note: If your subscription plan does not support  custom domains or if you haven't configured CNAME for images and videos then you will not be able to see an Image URL setting under the campaign configuration

7. Next, set your preferred Landing Page URL. This is the landing page where your video will be embedded. You can select: 

- Default page: This is the default landing page for videos, hosted by Nexweave

- Whitelable domain: you can select your custom domain for videos, if configured

- Custom landing page: Choose this option if you wish to embed your video to a custom landing page such as your website or sales page. Checking this option will prompt you to enter your landing page URL
To learn how you personalize your websites and landing pages with Nexweave, please have a look at our website personalization guide

please note: If your subscription plan does not support  custom domains or if you haven't configured CNAME for images and videos then you will not be able to view the whitelabel domain option for landing page URLs

8. Your Campaign configuration is done! Click on Save and Proceed to continue to the Activate Tab.

Activating your Campaign

1. Under Activate, select the Campaign type as URL Override.

2. You will then be presented with the list of personalization variables that have been used in the selected templates and prompted to enter their Fallback Values.

3. Click on Save to confirm the Fallback value.

4. You will then be able to Preview the Image and Video templates you have selected for the campaign and the Launch Campaign button will become available.

5. To complete the activation, click on on Launch Campaign.

6. Your campaign is now launched and the Get Embed Code is activated. You can proceed to generate links and codes for your selected templates that are compatible with different platforms from your marketing stack.

Check out our integrations section to see how you can share your personalized media creations through your preferred platforms 
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