Running a Bulk Link/CSV Campaign

A bulk link campaign is typically selected when you wish to generate several unique media links for your audience in one go. The audience information is a prerequisite for activating this type of campaign.

Bulk link campaigns require you to upload your audience information to Nexweave via a CSV file, following which unique media links are generated for each recipient within the CSV list.

These unique media links may then be uploaded to Email marketing or chat platforms to share with your audience. 

  • Within Campaigns start by clicking on Create a New Campaign.

  • The Campaign process is divided into 2 tabs: Configure & Activate.

  • Let’s start by configuring the campaign.

Configuring the Campaign

  1. Enter the Campaign Name.

  2. Select the Media type for the campaign.

  • Select Image, If you want to share a single Image template. 

  • Select video if you want to share a single Video.

  • Select Image + Video if you wish to share a Personalised Image and Video template with your audience.

In our demonstration, we will be showcasing how you can create a campaign with Image + video.

3. Next, select the media templates from each dropdown for Image, Video, and thumbnail. The templates that appear within this list are those that are saved within your My Template libraries.

4. For an Image + Video Campaign, you have to select :

  • An Image Template

  • A Video template 

  • A thumbnail for the video

The thumbnail template drop-down list consists of personalized images within your My Templates library.

6. Then, select the Landing Page URL that your video will be embedded within. If you have an agency subscription to Nexweave, you can set your custom white label domain for the landing page.

7. If you do not have an agency account, however, the landing page URL can be any of the 2 options:
  • You can either select the Nexweave default landing page. The corresponding URL prefix is displayed below.

  • Or you can select a Custom Landing Page URL, whether that is your website or sales page. Checking this option will prompt you to enter your landing page URL.

Instructions for embedding the Nexweave experience onto your custom landing page can be found within the adjacent help link.

8. Your Campaign configuration is done! Click on Save and Proceed  to continue to the Activate Tab.

Activating your Campaign

1. Select the Campaign type as Bulk Link Campaign.

2. Next, click on Download Template to download a CSV template, which you can populate your audience data on.
The column headers of this template comprise all the personalization variables that the templates selected for your campaign contain.

3. Once the CSV Template is downloaded, populate it with your audience information and save it to your files.

4. Next, click on Upload CSV. Upload the populated CSV back into Nexweave.

You will then be able to see the number of rows added as well as Preview the Image and Video used.

5. To proceed, click on Generate Links.

6. Once the links have been generated, the Download Links option will appear. Clicking on it will download your CSV file with 2 additional columns containing unique Image and Video URLs for each recipient in the list.

7. The extracted CSV file, containing Nexweave Media links can now be uploaded into the Email Marketing or chat platforms of your choice to generate personalized messages and email for your entire list in one go!

8. The Get Embed Code button will allow you to obtain the Email Embed code for the image and landing page embed code should you wish to embed your video experience on a landing page.

To learn how you can share these generated, unique links with your audience have a look at this article.
You can also refer to our Integrations section to view how you can share Nexweave templates with available platforms using the URL override method
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