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LinkedIn : share a personalized image hyperlinked to a landing page

If you’ve ever shared a website link via LinkedIn message you know that the link appears in the chat along with the favicon of your webpage. 

These favicons aren’t customizable for a lot of landing pages and websites. But this is a missed opportunity to nudge your prospect to click on your link!

With Nexweave’s integrated landing page builder,  not only can you create personalized landing pages but you can also customize their social preview! When you share this landing page URL via LinkedIn, a personalized image appears along with the landing page link.

Here’s how you can use Nexweave’s chrome extension and landing page builder to achieve this - 


Before we begin, ensure that you have the following assets prepared. The documents linked below will guide you through the steps for each:

1. Download and activate Nexweave’s chrome extension for LinkedIn

2. Design your landing page template

3. Set a personalized image template as the social preview for your landing page

4. Run a campaign for your landing page

Sharing your landing page via LinkedIn

Once the above steps have been completed, you’re ready to share your personalized landing page with your prospects!

1. Once your chrome extension for LinkedIn is installed and activated, you will be able to see a blue ‘Nexweave’ button right next to the message button on any 1st connection’s LinkedIn profile

2. Click on Nexweave button to invoke the plugin. The first step is campaign selection. Select the landing page campaign you created and then click on Use

3. Next, the personalization variables used in the campaign will be listed. Populate these variable by:

  • Copying the scraped nexweave profile information

  • Manually adding variable data

Click on Generate experience to continue. 

4. Under Preview, the video from your selected campaign with its thumbnail (not the social preview) will appear. 

Click on Copy Link and Close Window or Copy the video link and close the modal.

5. The LinkedIn message composer addressed to your connection will automatically open. Type in your message, paste the copied link and hit Send.

The landing page link will be shared in your LinkedIn message along with your configured personalized social preview!

6. When your prospect clicks on this link, they will be redirected to the personalized landing page

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