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Use The Nexweave Plugin With LinkedIn

With Nexweave’s chrome plugin, you can share engaging personalized images and videos through Linkedin and Gmail in just a few clicks!

In this article, we will take you through how you can use the Nexweave plugin with Linkedin.

1. To start, download the Nexweave plugin from the Chrome Extension store

2. Once the plugin is downloaded, click on the plugin icon within the Chrome bar and select Nexweave. You will be prompted to enter an API Key. 

3. To get the API key, log in to Nexweave and go to Integrations.

4. Click on Add Key. Enter the name of the key and click on Add again to confirm.

5.  The key then appears within your integrations list. Click on the copy icon adjacent to the key.

6. Paste this generated API key in the chrome plug-in pop-up. Your Nexweave plugin will be activated and ready to use!


7. The Nexweave plugin is active for any launched URL or Bulk Link Campaign. Hence before you proceed to using the plugin in Gmail, it is important for you to identify the templates you want to share and create a campaign around them

8. You can create a new template or clone an existing one from the public template libraries. The linked articles will guide you through the same 

9. You can also learn how to run a URL override or a Bulk link campaign with the help of the linked documents.

In our demonstration, we are sharing a personalized video with our prospect. For this, within the define meta tab of our video editor, we have also configured a social preview for the video. 


A social preview of a video is the thumbnail and message that the recipients see when an experience is shared with them via a social messenger. The social preview that is configured for a video will be visible in the link preview of the Linkedin message.

To learn how to setup a social preview, please refer to  the linked article. You can also learn how to use a personalized image template as a social preview for a video!  

10. In our demonstration, once the template was created, we proceeded to create a campaign, where we set the campaign type as video.  If you are only sharing an image in your LinkedIn message, you may set your campaign type to image.


11. Once your campaign details are configured, you can proceed to activate the campaign. In our demonstration, we have used the URL Override Method.


Please note: As mentioned above, both URL override method and bulk link method can be used to launch the campaign and make it ready to be used with the plugin.

12. Let's proceed to LinkedIn to compose our personalized message. 

13. Sign in to your LinkedIn account and visit the profile of the contact you want to share the Nexweave experience with. Make it is your first connection on LinkedIn.

Please note: We can only send personalized images to the first connections on LinkedIn. When you send messages to 2nd and 3rd connections, Linkedin does not show link previews (which is a constraint added by LinkedIn). Hence they can still receive the links but they will not contain previews.

13. Once your plugin is activated, you will be able to see the Nexweave message button next to Message button in your connection’s profile


14. To invoke the plugin, click on Nexweave button

15. In the pop-up that appears, select the campaign that you want to utilize for this message and click on Use.

16. Then, the list of personalisation variables used will appear, enter the contact’s information for each field. 

17. The information extracted from their linkedin profile will also be listed on the left, available to copy.

18. Click on Generate Experience.


19. You will then be able to see the media links as well as a preview of the templates

20. Click on Copy Link and Close Window to continue.

21. The LinkedIn message window with your connection’s profile will automatically open, where you can paste the link generated from the plugin


The Nexweave template will then be embedded within the LinkedIn message and will be ready to send!

As you can see, the social preview & the link is what your recipient will see in their message. They can click on the link to open the video.

Congratulations! You have now learned how to create campaigns, and employ them with the Nexweave Plugin! 

To learn how to use the Nexweave plugin with Gmail, please refer to the linked article.

Have fun exploring the platform and refer to our tutorials and knowledge base to keep learning about Nexweave and its features which will help you make your journey better.

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