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Social previews for landing pages

A social preview of a landing page is the thumbnail that the recipients see when shared with them via a social messenger.


When creating a landing page template, you can set up its social preview under Meta Data

To create the landing page social preview:

1. Enter the Title for the social preview in the dedicated input box.

2. Next, Enter the description in the input box below. In the Preview, you will be able to see the title and description as you populate the fields

3. To incorporate personalization, you can copy the personalization variables from the left and paste it within the input box. These personalization variables are the ones that have been employed in the selected video template. You can add more personalization variables from within Enlist variables

4. By default, Nexweave has set a personalized image as the social preview image for any landing page. You can replace this with a static (non-personalized image) or a another personalized image template as well 

Setting a non-personalized social preview image

The social preview image can be set in the following ways:

  • Enter an Image URL for an image you would like to use.

  • Click on Choose an Image. In the modal that appears, click on Upload and select an image from your files. Once uploaded, it will appear in the pop-up within the media gallery. Select the image and click on Done to complete.

  • Click on Choose an Image. In the pop-up that appears, select an Image from your recent uploads. Click on Done to confirm.

Setting a personalized image as a social preview

Note : When creating/ setting up the image template that you wish to use as the social preview, ensure that the variables used in the image template are the same, or are a subset of the variables used in the landing page

In our demonstration above, our landing page contains the variables - USERNAME, COMPANY and WEBSITE. The image template we choose as our social preview image must have one or more of these same variables. 

If your image template has any additional variables besides those listed in your landing page, please remember to ADD additional variables to your landing page template via the Enlist Variables tab

To set a personalized image as social preview:

1. Start by selecting your image template. You can use any Image template from the Public or My template libraries. You can also create a new Image template

2. From within the template library, click on the menu against the selected image template and select Use.

3. Next, enter a name for the campaign and launch a Quick campaign for this template.
The Quick Campaign will generate an embed code and a URL for the image

The image URL generated will be something like: 

4. To change the values the variables in this image take, we can modify the URL by appending it with the following syntax:

In the above modified URL, the parameters have been updated such that:

  • USERNAME takes the value of Alisha

  • WEBSITE takes the value of

Please note : USERNAME and WEBSITE are the variables used in our demonstration template. Please replace them with the variables that you have employed in your image template

5. Next, navigate to your landing page template library. Select the template you were previously working on, click on its menu and then Edit. Next, click on the Define Meta tab.

6. Copy the modified Image URL (from step 4 above) and paste it into the image URL input under the social preview settings

7. Replace the placeholder values assigned to the variables, with the variables themselves!
In our demonstration, our image URL becomes:[USERNAME]&WEBSITE=[WEBSITE]

Your Social preview will now be set to a one-of-a-kind personalized image template!

When your landing page template is shared with your audience the variable values will be replaced with your recipient information!

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