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Sharing Media Using a Bulk Link Campaign

Share your audience information with Nexweave in a CSV sheet and generate a unique, personalized image/video link for each name on the list, in one go.

You can then incorporate these generated links into any email marketing, sales/ marketing automation or CRM platform of your choice! 

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how you can execute bulk link campaigns using a platform such as Automizy as an example. However the same method can be applied to any platform of your choice. 

For our demonstration, we are sharing a personalised image in an email that hyperlinks to a video landing page. Here's an example of what your recipients would receive:

Create Nexweave Campaign

1. Start by configuring and launching a Bulk Link Campaign in Nexweave. To learn how you can successfully run a bulk link campaign, please have a look at the linked article, or you can also refer to the video below:

2. As your bulk link campaign is launched, the CSV file you uploaded containing your audience’s information is downloaded, with personalized URLs for image and video templates for each recipient

3. Most platforms including Automizy, require a column for contact email, whenever any contacts or their information is uploaded. Hence, in case your Nexweave sheet doesn’t already contain one, add an additional column for your audience email to your CSV sheet

The sheet is now ready to be uploaded and shared via your marketing platform.

Create a contact list in your platform

1. Every platform will have certain basic fields of information that are available for any contact. For example - first name, last name, email, company etc. 

For any additional audience information, the platform requires the creation of custom fields. 

2. The Nexweave generated CSV files have 2 additional columns/ fields of information:

  • ImageLinks : individual links to personalized images

  • Links: individual links to personalized videos

To incorporate these 2 therefore, corresponding custom fields need to be created on the platform you are uploading them to.

3. In our demonstration, we added the following custom fields to Automizy:

  • Imagelink

  • Videolink

4. Next, create a new contact list on your platform. Import the CSV generated from Nexweave and edited in the previous steps into your platform.

5. You may be prompted to map the columns of the Nexweave CSV with matching contact fields in your platform. Ensure that you map the newly created fields with the corresponding Imagelinks and Links columns in your sheet.

Once your contact list has been updated, you can proceed to creating a campaign on your platform.

Create a campaign/ broadcast in your platform

1. Create a new campaign/ email template within the platform you are using. In our demonstration, we have created an email template in Automizy

2. To add your personalized media to the email, ensure that an HTML block/ code editor is opened or added to the email canvas

3. In the HTML enabled email body, copy and paste the following code:

<a href="Videocontactfield">

<img src="Imagecontactfield" width="75%">


Where Videocontactield and Imagecontactfield are the custom contact fields created on your platform. Replace these with the field names on the platform you are using

4. For example, for our demonstration, we have pasted the following code: 

<a href="{{videolink}}">

<img src="{{imagelink}}" width="75%">


Where :

  • {{videolink}} is the Automizy variable field we created to map with the Video URLs in the CSV file 

  • {{imagelink}} is the Automizy variable field we created to map with the Image URLs in the CSV file 

Please Note: The embedded image in the email preview may appear broken. However, it will appear as designed when shared with your audience

5. Once your email is designed, your campaign is ready to be launched!

Your personalized emails will be on their way to impress your audience!

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