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Add a business logo to your images/GIFs
Nexweave has now introduced a logo component so you can include personalized business logos in your images and videos with ease! 

You can add a logo to your media template from within it’s editor. The following steps will take you through how you can add a dynamic business logo to an Image/GIF template:

Adding and configuring a logo

1. For an image template, you can locate the logo component under the Components section, to the right of the canvas 

2. Click on the component to add it to the canvas. The logo component (with the placeholder Nexweave logo) will appear on the canvas. Click on the logo within the canvas to open its properties to the right. 

3. Under Source Tools, you can configure the business for which you want the logo to be displayed. 

4. Under website URL, enter the URL for the business website of your choice. The logo will update automatically. 

Please note: This logo is being automatically extracted from The linked article details how you can add a logo using an image component. The logo component allows you to achieve this with minimal steps

Editing the logo display

1. The logo appearance can be edited from within Design tools, under Properties.

2. To edit the border:
  • Click on the border color block to select the border color of your choice
  • Set your desired value for the border width/ weight from the weight input
3. By default, the logo component takes square shape. To edit the border radius, enter your desired value in the Radius input. You can set this value to 50 to attain a circular logo

4. Use the slider for Blur and Opacity to adjust the corresponding values. 

5. By default, the aspect ratio of the logo is locked and cannot be adjusted. You can adjust the size of the logo by dragging its corners from within the canvas. However the relative height and width will remain constant. (when you adjust the height, the width will automatically change)

6. You can also set the value for Rotate to adjust the rotation of the logo. 

7. You can also adjust the 3D Warp. Check the box for 3D Warp and adjust and align the corners of the logo to adjust it’s appearance. 

Personalizing the logo:

You can also add personalization to the logo, such that each recipient you share your video with sees their own business logo!

1. Within the editor, navigate to the Enlist Variables

2. Here, add a new variable for the website URL or company website

In our demonstration, we have added the variable name WEBSITE

3. Back within Design Experience, click on the logo within the canvas to open its properties on the right

4. Under source tools, click on the Select Variable dropdown and copy the variable created in the previous steps

5. Paste the copied variable name within the Website URL  input. The logo source will then be saved as a variable value and can be personalized to each recipient! 

Remember to click on Save Template to save any changes!

To learn how you can share personalized templates, please have a look at the campaigns section.

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