3D Warp Components on Image Templates

Nexweave has recently introduced the powerful 3D Warp function for components added to Image templates. Now you can not only adjust the height, width and rotation of components but also warp them to better fit your background.

This feature is only available to components within an Image Template. The 3D Warp can be adjusted for both image and text components within an image template. We will demonstrate how this can be done for Images, but the same method applies to Text components as well. 

  1. Start by clicking on the component on the canvas that you want to adjust. The corresponding properties open to the right.

  2. Click on Design Tools to expand the tab.

  3. Within Design Tools, check the box for 3D Warp.

  4. You can then drag the corners of the image to watch the magic happen! Align the corners based on how you would like this image to appear.

  5. Once done, uncheck the 3D Warp option to lock the Image. You can also click on Reset to reset the image back to its 2D original.

You can truly get creative with this and find some great ideas within our public template library!

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Nexweave Knowledge Base | 2021