Enlisting and Managing your own personalization variables

Nexweave allows users to create and manage their own variables that can be used for personalization. For any depth of audience information you may have, you can create your own custom variables to use when building Nexweave experiences.

The following steps will guide you through creating and managing your personalization variables for any template:

  • While editing any experience, if you wish to add personalization variables, click on Enlist Variables within the Editor.

  • Here you will be able to see the list of variables that are currently available to us.

  • You can add both Text inputs as variable as well as set images as variables.

Add Text as a Variable

  1. To add a text as a variable, click on Add Variable

  1. For Key, enter the variable name.

  2. For Value, set the placeholder value for the variable.

Add an Image as a Variable

  1. To add an image as a variable, once again click on Add Variable.

  2. For key, set the variable name.

  3. For value, enter the placeholder image URL

Deleting variables

  1. For any variable that you do not wish to retain, you can click on the trash icon to delete it.

  2. Click on Save Template to confirm any changes!

  3. The above variable names will now be visible within the Select Variable dropdown in the editor.


Please note that any variables that are added or deleted are only applicable and valid for the image or video that is being designed and will not be available across templates.

You can learn how to employ these variables in your media templates in the 
personalizing text and buttons and personalizing images articles.

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