Set Social Preview for a Video

A social preview of a video is the thumbnail that the recipients see when an experience is shared with them via a social messenger.

When creating/ editing a video template, you can customize the social preview under Meta Data.

To create your video’s social preview:

1. Enter the Title for the social preview in the dedicated input box.

2. Next, Enter the description in the input box below. In the Preview, you will be able to see the title and description as you populate the fields

3. To incorporate personalization, you can copy the personalization variables from the left and paste it within the input box. These personalization variables are the ones that have been employed in the selected video template. You can add more personalization variables from within Enlist variables.

4. Next, set an Image for the Social preview. You can set this image in 3 ways:

  • Enter an Image URL for an image you would like to use.

  • Click on Choose an Image. In the modal that appears, click on Upload and select an image from your files. Once uploaded, it will appear in the pop-up within the media gallery. Select the image and click on Done to complete.

  • Click on Choose an Image. In the pop-up that appears, select an Image from your recent uploads. Click on Done to confirm.

Click on Save Template to save the social preview! The social preview for your video is complete!

You can also use personalized image template, created on Nexweave as the social preview for your video. Have a look at the this article to learn more 
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Nexweave Knowledge Base | 2021