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Personalized Image In An Email That Links To a Personalized Video Landing Page
Nexweave recently updated its UI and got a new look! You will notice differences (especially in the colours) between the graphics and screenshots you see in this article and the corresponding sections within the Nexweave platform. Don’t worry though, because the steps and processes this article details remain the same. Moreover, we’re going to updating this article to reflect our platform changes very soon. Stay tuned and keep reading!

Nexweave enables you to create engaging personalized images and videos that can be shared with your audience at scale! 

One particular use case or scenario that you can easily achieve with Nexweave, is where you embed a personalized image in an email that also serves as a hyperlink. When your recipient clicks on this image, they are redirected to a custom landing page that contains a Nexweave video personalized just for them. In just a few clicks you can ensure a memorable experience for your audience!

Here’s an example of what your audience would receive:

The following steps detail how you can achieve this use case:

Create a Nexweave Campaign

1. Start by identifying the templates that you would like to use. As you can see from the above preview, we have used 3 templates:

  • An Image in an email

  • A video template

  • An image that serves as the thumbnail for the video

2. You can create your own templates, or clone an existing public template to make it your own

3. Next, proceed to setting up a campaign. For this use case, we will take you through configuring and activating a URL Override campaign. You can refer to the linked article to learn more.

4. Navigate to the Campaigns section and click on Create a New Campaign.

5. Set a name for the campaign. Under Campaign type, select Video + Image

6. Next, select the Image template, Video template and Image template (to be used as the video thumbnail) from each respective dropdown.

Please note: the templates you see in this list are from within your private template library

7. The option for Do you want to show video controls allows you to decide whether your recipients will be able to see the controls on the video when they play it. 

8. If you are subscribed to Nexweave’s whitelabel solution (tier 4 and above), you can set the domain for the image URL to your custom whitelabel domain. Else, it will revert to the Nexweave default image domain. 

9. Next, set the video landing page URL to custom landing page, where the custom landing page could be your website, or sales page. 

If you are subscribed to Nexweave’s whitelabel solution (tier 4 and above), you will also see the option to set the video URL to your whitelabel domain

In this demonstration, we have proceeded with setting a custom landing page

10. Once you check the box for custom landing page, enter the URL for the landing page where you want to embed the personalized video. Click on Save and proceed to continue

Please note: In our demonstration, we have created a sample landing page on wordpress and added and HTML component to the landing page layout.
You can learn more about embedding media in different landing page builders here

11. Your campaign is now ready to be activated. From the drop down menu, set the activation method to URL Override. If you’re curious to learn about other campaign activation methods, please have a look at the linked article.

12. Once you select your campaign method, the variables used in your selected templates appear below, along with their fallback or default values. You can edit these fallback values, once done, click on Save

13. Click on Launch to launch your campaign.

Your campaign is ready! Let’s proceed to generating the required links and embedding the video in your custom landing page

Embedding the personalized video in your custom landing page

1.Once your campaign is launched, the Get Embed Code button gets activated. Click on it.

2. From the embed code modal, set the switch for Get Embed Code with Integration variables to Off. A landing page embed code is generated

3. To embed the video in your landing page, copy this embed code, and paste it into the HTML editor within your landing page builder

4. Here’s a preview of the landing page with the embedded personalized video:

Generating links for the personalized Image

1. Back from the Nexweave campaign, in the embed code modal, now set the Get Embed Code with Integration variables to On

2. From the dropdown, select the email platform through which you would like to deliver these personalized images to your audience.

Please note: If your desired platform is not available in this dropdown, you can request it within the ideas section of our roadmap. We regularly track the requests we receive through this portal and we can update you if your requested platform becomes available!

As long as your desired platform allows an HTML editor  within the email as well as the creation of custom personalization fields, you can also use:

  • the bulk link method to share your media. The linked article details how you can achieve this. 

  • We have also demonstrated another workaround for how you can use the URL override method (the method used in this article) to manipulate the generated embed links and make them compatible with your choice of platform. The linked article will walk you through the same. 

3. In our example, we have set the integration platform to Mailchimp. You may choose any other preferred platform from this list.

4. Once you select your platform, the variables employed in your templates will appear below. map each of the listed Nexweave variables with the corresponding platform variables (Mailchimp, in our case) by selecting them from the dropdown.

In case the variable list does not contain an appropriate match, you can also create your own platform variable from within the dropdown.

5. In our demonstration we have mapped the variables:

  • NAME : *|FNAME|*

  • DOMAIN : *|MMERGE6|*

Since Mailchimp does not have a default tag for DOMAIN, we created *|MMERGE6|* as a custom tag on Mailchimp. We added and created the same tag within Nexweave, as demonstrated below:

6. Click on Generate Embed code to get the email embed code compatible with the Mailchimp platform

Since our aim is to hyperlink an image to a video landing page, focus on the generated image + video embed code for this example.

Your compatible embed codes are ready! Proceed to the platform to build your email template and embed your personalized media within

Embedding Media in your Email template

1. Within your chosen platform, create an Image template. In our demonstration, we have created a template in Mailchimp

2. In the email builder, drag and drop the Code Block to the email template.

3. Copy the generated code from the Nexweave campaign, and paste it into the the code block

Please note : The image in the email preview will appear with the merge tag name/default values. However your audience will see their personal information once the email is released to them.

4. Once your email is designed, you can share it via campaigns and automations on Mailchimp, or the equivalent campaign process on the platform you are using. 

Here’s an example of what your recipients will see:

Your personalized videos will be on their way to impress your audience!

While in this article, we have used Mailchimp as our example email platform, you can find individual articles for each of our available integration platforms!

As mentioned above, for any preferred platform that isn't currently available on Nexweave, please request it within the ideas section of our roadmap

Additionally, as long as your desired platform allows an HTML editor  within the email as well as the creation of custom personalization fields, you can also use:

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