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Add an image to an image/GIF/ video template

Images and gifs can help liven up any experience. Be it your logo, product images or team members, Nexweave allows you to integrate images/ gifs into your video and image templates with ease.


The images that you add to your Nexweave media can either be:

  1. Non-personalized: This means that a single static image is added to your experience. Each recipient sees the same image at their end while viewing the experience. For eg- your logo 

  2. Personalized: Personalized Images are dynamic and variable. Just like personalized text, each recipient sees a different image when viewing the experience. For ex- recommended products, their profile images, their website screenshots.

In this article we will demonstrate how you can add a non-personalised image/gif to your experience. If you’re keen to learn more about personalised images, you can access the relevant article here


In our demonstration, we will show you how to add an image/gif component to a video template. The same method is applicable to image templates as well

1. Within the editor, start by  clicking on the Image component tile

2. A blank image is added to the canvas and its corresponding properties open on the right. You can drag the image on the canvas to reposition it.

3. In the case of a video template,  the image component will appear in the components manager below the canvas. Adjust the timeline for the component from here

4. Under Properties, click on Source Tools to select the Image/ gif to include here. There are 4 ways in which you can add an image or gif here:

  • Source an online Image/ gif: Enter a URL, in the space provided, for the image/gif address, to source an image/gif online

  • Upload a recently uploaded file: Click on Upload Image. From the pop-up that appears, click on one of the existing images/ gifs.

    Click on Done to complete

  • Add a new image from your personal files: Click on Upload Image. In the pop-up that appears, click on Upload once again and select your desired image/ gif from your personal files

  • Select an image from the in built stock library: Click on Upload Image
in the modal that appears, click on Browse Stock Images and select an image from the stock library


You can adjust additional image properties such as the border, aspect ratio animation and interactions from Design tools, Animation tools, and Interaction Tools under Properties

Each of these have been discussed in detail in the linked articles

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