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Add text to your images/GIFs and videos

You can add layers of personalised text to video and image templates via the Nexweave Editor.
The following steps will guide you through customising text on Videos, but the same method is applicable for image templates as well

1. Within the Editor, start by clicking on the text component tile. The respective properties will open on the right of the canvas

2. If you've added text to a video, also remember to adjust the timeframe for the component from the Components Manager, below the canvas.

3. You can drag the text box on the Canvas to reposition it, and drag the corners out to re-adjust its size.

4. To edit the text content, click on Content tools, under Properties. Type your desired message in the text editor

5. To insert personalisation variables in your text, you can click on the Select Variable dropdown, copy the desired variable from the list and paste it into the text editor

You can learn more about creating and adding personalisation variables in the Enlisting personalisation variables article

5. You can also edit the Font size, style and colour from Content Tools.

6. The additional properties available here are:

  • Design tools which allow you to adjust the Text-box background, size & opacity 

  • Animation tools which enable you to design any associated animations for the entry, exit or duration of the component

  • Interaction tools which enable you to add interactivity to the component

Each of these have been detailed in the linked articles

You can find guides on adding additional components to your media in subsequent articles of the knowledge base.

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