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Add a business logo to your video
Nexweave has now introduced a logo component so you can include personalized business logos in your images and videos with ease! 

You can add a logo to your media template from within its editor. The following steps will take you through how you can add a dynamic business logo to a video template:

Adding and configuring a logo

1. For a video template, you can locate the logo under the Advanced components section, to the right of the canvas.

2. Click the component to add a logo widget to the canvas. The logo component (with the placeholder Nexweave logo) will appear on the canvas. Click on it within the canvas to open its properties to the right. 

4. Let’s take a look at each property in detail:
  • Size: From under size you can adjust the width and the height of the logo component. You can also directly resize the component within the canvas by dragging its edges out

  • Position: You can set the position of the component relative to the canvas (top and left) from here. You can also reposition the component directly from within the canvas by dragging it

  • Visibility: Under visibility, you can adjust the time frame (start and end time) for which the logo should be appear within the video

    You can also adjust the time frame for the component from the component manager, under the canvas. However, the visibility section allows you to adjust this setting to a greater precision

  • Logo: Under logo, you can specify the company for which you would like the logo to appear.
    Under website URL simply enter the desired company website, and the logo will automatically update

This logo can also be personalized such that each recipient views their own company’s logo! The steps to achieve this have been discussed here

Please note: This logo is being automatically extracted from The linked article details how you can add a logo using an image component. The logo component allows you to achieve this with minimal steps

  • Interaction Tool: Under interaction tools, you can set the pause, checkpoint behavior of the component.

    Pause: When pause is selected, the video will pause for the stipulated duration, at the end time frame of the component

    Checkpoint: When checkpoint is selected, the video will halt at the end time frame of the component

Remember to click on Save Template to save any changes!
To learn how you can share personalized templates, please have a look at the campaigns section.
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