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Pause vs Checkpoint - Interaction settings

Pause and checkpoint settings for an interaction determine the video behaviour before the interaction is executed.

1. Pause will pause the video for the stipulated duration, while it waits for the user to perform the click. After the time is elapsed, the video will continue to play regardless of whether the user clicks on the interactive component

Under Interaction tools,  after you determine the interaction type you check the box for Pause.

Then, enter the duration that you would like to pause the video for.
Please note, the unit for the duration is in seconds.

Here’s an example of how a pause interaction would play out:

In our example, we set the pause duration to 2 seconds. Even though we did not click on the component, the video continued to play after the stipulated pause duration

2. Checkpoint will halt the video when the interactive element appears and the video will only proceed when the user clicks on the interactive component

If you check the box for Checkpoint, there is no input for the duration requested. This is because the video is halted till the user performs the click

Here’s an example of the checkpoint setting would play out:
As can be seen, the video is halted till we click on the interactive component.

You can learn about the various available interactions via an overview of interactions and creating links to another time frame.

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