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Initial Setup

With Nexweave’s website personalization plug-in, you can now embed personalized images, videos and text right within your website. No coding required! 

In this article we will take you through the initial setup required so the chrome extension can run seamlessly

Installing the chrome extension

1. Start by visiting the chrome web store. Search for and download Nexweave - Website Personalization plugin. 

Please note: You may also find the Nexweave extension here. You can learn more about how to use this plugin in the linked article

2. Once your plugin is installed, you will be prompted to add an API key

3. For this, login to your Nexweave account and navigate to Integrations

4. Click on Add key. Set a name for the key and click on add key once again to confirm. 

5. Once the key is generated, copy it and then paste it within the extension. Once your key is verified, you’ll see a message that says “Welcome to Nexweave”

Add website to Nexweave

1. Once the chrome extension is installed, go to the Manage website section within Nexweave. 

2. Click on Add website, and register your website domain on Nexweave. 

3. A Script tag is generated

4. Once your website is added to Nexweave, you will have to add the generated snippet to the <Head> tag within your website. 

We have prepared articles to guide you through adding the Nexweave website code to the following landing page builders:

Once your initial setup is complete, you can proceed to personalizing the content on your website! Refer to Personalize your website to find a detailed guide. 


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