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Clickfunnels Landing Page

Personalize landing pages built on ClickFunnels using the Nexweave website chrome extension!

Before you begin, please ensure:

You can refer to our initial setup guide for help with this.

1. Within ClickFunnels, navigate to the Funnels menu. Here, create a new funnel or select one of your existing funnels

2. Add the funnel domain to the Manage Website section within Nexweave, to generate the website script tag.

3. You can add the website script tag generated within Nexweave to the entire funnel OR to individual funnel pages 

To add it to the entire funnel:

  • click  on the funnel settings  on the top right corner of the funnel 

  • Copy the script tag generated in Nexweave

  • Paste it into the Head Tracking Code section within the funnel settings 

  • Save the changes in the settings

To add the script to an individual funnel page

  • Click on Edit Page against one of the funnel steps 

  • Within the page editor, click on Settings  and then select Tracking code

  • Paste  the script tag generated in Nexweave into the Header code section within the tracking code section of the page 

  • Save the page for the changes made

Once the Nexweave script has been added to your website head tag, you can start adding personalization elements to it!

Have a look at Personalizing your website for detailed steps on how you can personalize your landing pages.

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