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Landing page template library

Nexweave now has an integrated landing page editor that can be used to create and share personalized landing pages directly using Nexweave campaigns! 

You can access your landing pages, by clicking on ‘Landing page templates’ within the main navigation. 

Like images/ gifs and videos, the landing page template library is also divided into 

  1. Public landing page

  2. My landing page

Note: public templates are due to release soon! But you can start creating your own templates

My landing page templates

All the templates that you create are stored under My Templates. 

You can perform the following actions for templates listed under your private library:

  1. Edit : to edit and make changes to your templates

  2. Clone : to create an exact copy of your template. This too will be stored under your private templates library

  3. Delete : to remove any template from within your private library

Have a look at these articles to get started with creating and sharing your own landing page templates!

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