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Adding lottie animations to videos

A Lottie is a JSON-based animation file format that can be used to add animated graphics on any platform.

These simple animations can go a long way in enlivening any video experience and can be integrated with interactions too!

Please note: Lottie animations can only be added to videos

The following steps will guide you in adding Lottie animations to your experience:

1. Click on the Lottie component tile to add it to the experience. The corresponding properties will open to the right of the Canvas

2. From the components manager, below the canvas, adjust the timeframe for the lottie animation to appear within the video

3. To upload the animation, select Source tools, under the properties tab and click on Upload Lottie.

4. On clicking upload, you can browse through your PC and select the .json file of your choice

please note: Lottie animation files can be downloaded from multiple sources such as Lottiefiles

You can adjust additional image properties such as the border, aspect ratio animation and interactions from Design tools. You can also add animations and Interactions to your lottie components, just as you can for buttons.

Each of these have been discussed in detail in the linked articles

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