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Nexweave recently updated its UI and got a new look! You will notice differences (especially in the colours) between the graphics and screenshots you see in this article and the corresponding sections within the Nexweave platform. Don’t worry though, because the steps and processes this article details remain the same. Moreover, we’re going to updating this article to reflect our platform changes very soon. Stay tuned and keep reading!

Serve Nexweave images through conversational chatbots to provide your customers with a real-time, engaging, personalised chat experience!
Nexweave allows you to create and share personalised images and gifs through Continually 

Here’s a sample of how you can immediately grab your customer’s attention with a personalised and unique greeting:

1. Begin by creating a new template or cloning an existing personalized image or GIFs you would like your chatbot to display. 

2. Once your template is created, proceed to the Campaigns section and click on Create a New Campaign

3. Set a name for your campaign and set the media type to Image. Then, select the Image or GIF template that you would like to include in your Continually chatbot

4. Once your campaign configuration is complete, click on Save and Proceed to continue.

5. Under Activate, set the activation method to URL Override Campaign. To learn how you can successfully run a URL campaign, please have a look at the linked article, or you can also refer to the video below:

6. The variables employed in your selected template will be listed below, against their fallback values. Adjust these values, should you wish to, and then click on Save. Your campaign is ready to launch

7. Click on Launch Campaign. Once your campaign is launched, click on Generate Embed Code

8. In the embed code modal, set the Integration platform from the dropdown to Continually

9. Then, map each of the listed Nexweave variables with the corresponding Continually variables by selecting them from the dropdown.

In case the variable list does not contain an appropriate match, you can also create your own platform variable from within the dropdown.

10. In our demonstration we have mapped the variables:

  • USERNAME : @name

11. Click on Generate Embed code to get the image link compatible with Continually

12. Within the Continually platform, create a new chatbot. For our demonstration, we have created a chatbot from scratch

13. Ensure that your chatbot is collecting the prospect/ customer information into variables that will be used in your Nexweave personalised image

14. In our demonstration, we have added a question block requesting a prospect’s name. This block automatically saves the information collected in the variable @name 

15. Next, add an Image block  to your Continually chatbot. Click on this block to edit it. 

16. Continually images can be personalized for information collected in the chat by using dynamic URLs. 

17. Copy the generated code from the Nexweave campaign and paste it into an empty browser address line.

18. Once again, copy the link from the browser address line and paste it into URL input of the Continually image block

Note: Currently, when an image link is copied from the Nexweave campaigns and pasted into continually directly, an invisible markup is copied and the link isn’t recognizable on Continually. As a temporary workaround, please copy the link from Nexweave and first paste into the address line of an empty browser window. 

19. Then, replace the entered variables with variables from the “@” dropdown in continually. Click on Save to continue

20. In our demonstration, we have replace “@name” with the @name field from the continually fields dropdown list

21. click on Preview to simulate that chat experience. 

22. Once you’re happy with the result, your chatbot is ready to be Published !

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