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Nexweave's Whitelabel Solution

Transform Nexweave into your own custom branded media personalization platform with our Agency whitelabel solution.

With this solution the platform can be customized to have:

1. Custom Image and Video URL: You can customize the Image and Video URLs to represent your company’s domain. When your audience receives personalized images and videos, they will see your domain in the URL instead of the Nexweave default. 

For example, you can set the URL for Images to instead of the default

2. Custom front end, application domain: Set your very own application domain name for your users to login to! For example, you can replace the Nexweave domain - with your own custom domain such as -

3. Custom brand presets: Transform the platform’s look and feel to represent your own brand! Replace all of Nexweave’s brand elements with your own. With our whitelable solution, you can customize the application name, logo, social preview and toggle between light and dark themes

Your whitelabel settings can be found under the My Account section. If you have access to Nexweave’s agency plan, you will be able to see a Whitelabel option here, through which you can set your custom domain and brand presets. To learn more about any of the above, you can visit the linked articles.

Please note: CNAME for image and video links are available with a subscription of tier 2 or higher and the agency whitelabel solution is  available with subscription of tier 4 or higher. 

Based on your subscription plan, you can customize the domain and brand presets only for your agency’s primary account or for your sub-accounts as well. To learn more about sub-account custom domain and branding, please have a look at the linked article.  

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