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Custom Domain & Login For Application
Set your very own application domain name for your users to login to! 

1. Within My Account, click on Whitelabel and then Domain & Login
Please note, you can only customize the application domain after assigning a custom domain to the image and video URLs. 

2. Add the custom domain name for the application URL and click on the Update.

3. 2 key-value pairs will be generated:
  • The first, for the UI or the front-end of the application
  • The second, for the API or the backend

4. Add the sub-domain of the key to the nameserver as a CNAME. From our example above, we added application and api-application as CNAME

5. As you set a custom app domain, you will also see the option to customize the login page. This login page will appear for users who login via your custom domain, ie via

6. You can customize the login page by either:
  • Setting a background colour: If you select this option, you can click on the color block to select a solid color of your choice. Click on Set Color to complete.
  • Setting a background image: If you select this option, you can click on Upload to select an Image, to use as the login screen background, from your files.
Please note: Once you setup a custom app domain, all the whitelabel app settings will reflect within your custom application domain, ie, within, in our example 

Please note that the agency whitelabel solution is only available with subscription of tier 4 or higher

Based on your subscription plan, you can customize the domain and brand presets only for your agency’s primary account or for your sub-accounts as well. To learn more about sub-account custom domain and branding, please have a look at the linked article.  

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