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Setting the background for a textbox or button within a video

Nexweave allows you to customise the background of your text boxes and buttons within video templates. You can take your pick of solid fill colours, or enhance the experience by adding an image!

please note: background for text and buttons is only available within video templates

We will be demonstrating how you can set a background for a text component, but the same method applies to buttons as well.

1. Start by clicking on the image/button component on the canvas that you would like to customise the background for. The corresponding properties will open to the right of the canvas.

2. Click on Design tools.

3. Under Background, you will see a dropdown with 2 options:

  • Colour

  • Image

Setting a solid colour as the background

1. From the Background dropdown, under design tools, select Colour.

2. Next, click on the colour block just below to select your desired colour for the background.

Set an Image as the background

1. From the Background dropdown, under design tools, select Image.

2. Then, click on Upload Image.

3. In the pop-up that appears, you can either:

  • Select an Image from the media gallery of recently uploaded images 

  • Browse and select an image from the stock library

  • Or upload a new image from your files

4. Once your Image is selected, you can adjust the relative position from the corresponding dropdown.

5. Select Fit, Fill or Tile and from the adjacent dropdown select the relative Image frame.

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