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Using a Personalized Image Variable As a Tooltip Avatar

The tooltip widget adds a pulse/hotspot to your video. When a viewer hovers over this pulse, a tooltip appears that can be customized to contain additional information and even buttons!

You can learn how to add and customize a tooltip widget in the linked article.

In this article, we’ll take you through how you can customize the tooltip avatar to display a unique image for each recipient, ie, how you can set a personalized image variable as the tooltip avatar

1. Select an existing video to clone or edit, or create a new video template

2. Enlist a sample image as a personalization variable. The linked article will show you how you can achieve this

3. In our example, we have named our personalized image variable to AVATAR_1

4. Within the video editor, add and configure a tooltip widget.

5. Under its properties, click on Tooltip avatar

6. To set a personalized image variable as the tooltip image, click on Select Variable

7. Copy the variable that was created in the previous steps (AVATAR_1) in our example and paste that into the input box for the image 

Your personalized tooltip avatar is ready.

When you share your video with your audience, you can specify different image URLs for this avatar variable. Each recipient will see the image you customized for them!

To learn more about sharing templates with your audience, please have a look at our campaigns section

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