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Meta Data and defining properties

The Meta Data tab within an Image and Video Editor is where the template details are defined. These define how the template appears within your template library.

In addition, for Video Templates, you can also personalize the URL and set social preview through the Meta Data tab. These have been discussed in detail in the linked articles. 

Meta Data for Image Templates:

The following actions can be performed on the Meta Data Tab:

  1. You can obtain the Template ID

  2. Set the Template Name

  3. Set the Template Description

  4. Select the Template Category
    The above determine how your template appears within your library:

  1. In addition, you can click on Generate Preview to generate a temporary link for this image. Clicking on this link will show you how the image would appear to your audience.

Meta Data for Video templates:

The following details are provided/ can be edited for video templates through the Meta Data tab:

  1. The Template ID 

  2. The variables used in the template. These can be copied to personalize the URL and social preview

  3. You can set the Template Name

  4. Set the Template Description

  5. Set the Template Category

  6. In addition, you can also set the Thumbnail Image for the video. This is the video thumbnail as it would appear in your template library.
    The above details determine how your template appears within your library :

  1. To preview the video, click on Generate Link. This will generate a temporary link so you can preview how this video will appear to your audience.

  2. You can additionally personalize the Video URL as well as set the social preview. These have been discussed in the linked articles.

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