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Setting/Changing the background for a video template

The background video serves as the base in a Video Template. All components - texts, images, buttons, etc. that are added to this video in the editor, are then added as layers to this base.

When you create a new video template, a default background video is assigned. To change this default, click on Background Video, above the video canvas

The Background Video can be set up in the following ways:

1. Upload a video from your files
- In the background video modal, click on Click to upload.
- The select your desired video from your files. 
- Once uploaded, it will appear in your Media Gallery within Nexweave. Click on OK to confirm and apply the background change
- Alternatively, you can also add a video URL for an mp4 video within your CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Please note: Video URLs such as youtube or video videos are not permitted in this field. The video URL has to have an mp4 format from your CDN

2. Select a video from your media gallery
- The media gallery contains all videos that were previously uploaded to Nexweave
- Click the one video you would like to set as your background
- Click on OK  to confirm the update and apply the chosen background

3. Set a stock video as background
-Within the background video modal, click on Browse stock videos
- Search for your choice of video using keywords
- Click on the video you would like to set as your background. It will automatically get added to your media library 
- Click on OK to confirm the update 

Don’t forget to click on Save Template to confirm the changes!

To learn more about how you can add components to this video, please have a look at the Components section and Create your own video template article.

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