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Nexweave recently updated its UI and got a new look! You will notice differences (especially in the colours) between the graphics and screenshots you see in this article and the corresponding sections within the Nexweave platform. Don’t worry though, because the steps and processes this article details remain the same. Moreover, we’re going to updating this article to reflect our platform changes very soon. Stay tuned and keep reading!

TexAu allows you to automatically send messages to users connected with you on LinkedIn.

Embed personalized images and videos in messages to your Linkedin prospects using Nexweave and TexAu.

TexAu now has an integrated option to create a Nexweave spice that allows you to select a video or image template that you created on Nexweave and add them to your Linkedin message template.

Please note: A Nexweave spice can be executed with the help of a Nexweave campaign OR using a Nexweave template directly. 


1. Start by creating your Nexweave templates or choose one of your existing templates. You can choose a video or Image template of your choice!

2. Within the template editor, navigate to the Define Meta tab.

3. The template ID listed here can be inputted into the Nexweave spice in the latter steps

4. Alternately, if you prefer to run a campaign instead, you may refer to the linked article or the video below to learn how to successfully launch a URL Override Campaign

5. While the article and video above demonstrate a campaign with media type - Image + Video, for TexAu, you can set your campaign media to only Image or Only Video, since you will be serving either of the two in your Linkedin message.

6. Under the Configure tab of the campaign, make a note of the Campaign ID. This ID can be inputted into the Nexweave spice in TexAu to generate the links for your selected template

7. Once you've created/identified your template or created a new campaign, navigate to TexAu and create a new recipe

8. In this demonstration, we have setup the following recipe on TexAu. You can use the Nexweave spice with other spices of your choice.

9. After your first spice is added, click on the ‘+’ icon to add a second spice

10. Set the Integration to Nexweave and the spice to Nexweave Template Integration

11. Next, enter the Nexweave API key. This can be achieved with the following steps:

  • Back in the Nexweave platform, click on Integrations

  • Click on Add Key

  • Name the key and click on Add key once again to confirm 

  • Copy the generated API key, paste it in the relevant input field within the TexAu spice

12. Next, Add the Campaign ID OR the Template ID, whichever method you choose to follow. 

Simply copy the ID from Nexweave, and paste it into the relevant field within TexAu.


13. Once the Template/ Campaign ID is entered, map the fields from your selected Nexweave Template with extracted Linkedin information

14. To do this, click on Add a Field

Please note : Set the same field name as the variables on your selected Nexweave template. In our demonstration we have added a single field for USERNAME

15. Enter a description, and click on Add to confirm

Please note: The template we have selected for our demonstration contains a single variable - USERNAME. In case your variable contains additional personalization variables, add them to the TexAu spice, using the same method as detailed above.

16. Under the newly added variable, click on Insert variable. The information extracted from your first spice will be captured under variables here.

In our demonstration, the Linkedin profile information is listed under different variables

17. Select the variable from the list that matches the Nexweave variable you added to your spice in Step 16.
In our demonstration, we have selected firstName. Hence, we have mapped:
USERNAME = firstName

18. Your Nexweave spice is complete! When the recipe is run, Nexweave will generate a video_link, image_link and thumbnail_link depending on the templates type you have selected

19. Next, add your final spice. As per our demonstration, this spice sends Linkedin messages to the profiles gathered from the first spice.

20. Ensure that your Linkedin session cookie is added to the spice

21. Enter your desired Linkedin message. Click on Insert variables to incorporate any personalization in your message

22.A If you wish to insert a Nexweave image

If you are adding a Nexweave image to your message, under Image URL click on insert variables.  
Select the Image Link variable under the Nexweave Integration category of variables 

22.B If you wish to insert a Nexweave video

If you are delivering a Nexweave video as a part of your Linkedin Message, click on insert variable, under the Message itself.
Select the video link variable from  the Nexweave Integration category of variables

Please note, if you are serving a personalized video through Linkedin, you can also customize the social preview for the video (the thumbnail of the video link) that appears in the message. Please have a look at the linked article for more information

23. Finally, under Profile or thread URL, click on insert variable and select the URL variable from your first spice 

24. Your spice is ready to run! Click on Run  on the top left to execute your spice. Here’s a sample of how your personalized image will appear within your Linkedin message:

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