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GMass Integration
Nexweave recently updated its UI and got a new look! You will notice differences (especially in the colours) between the graphics and screenshots you see in this article and the corresponding sections within the Nexweave platform. Don’t worry though, because the steps and processes this article details remain the same. Moreover, we’re going to updating this article to reflect our platform changes very soon. Stay tuned and keep reading!

Connect Nexweave with GMass to easily share personalized media with your prospects directly through GMail. 

For our demonstration, we are sharing a personalized image in an email that hyperlinks to a video landing page. Here's an example of what your recipients would receive:

1. Start by configuring and launching a Bulk Link/CSV Campaign. To learn how you can successfully run a bulk link campaign, refer to the linked article, or you can also have a look at the video below: 

2. In our demonstration, we have set the campaign type to Image + Video and selected the templates displayed in the example above.

3. In a bulk link campaign, after the nexweave template is populated and re-uploaded, a button for Generate Links becomes active. Click on generate links  and then click on Download Links

This will download the same uploaded CSV file but now with 2 additional columns - links and Image links. These 2 columns pertain to the personalized video and image links respectively

4. Next, download the GMass plugin, while logged in from your Chrome browser. Confirm the email account and add the extension to Chrome. 

5. Once the plugin is installed and your account is linked, your Gmail inbox will display additional icons next to the search bar, and your email composer will contain the GMass button next to the send button.

6. GMass requires a linked Google sheet from which it extracts the audience information for personalization.

Select one of your existing google sheets, or create a new google sheet.

Please note: ensure that the email addresses of your recipients are included in one of the columns of the google sheet. If there is no email address column, then the sender will have to manually add email addresses in the “To” field of the email composer

7. Next copy the Image links and links columns from the csv sheet downloaded from Nexweave (in step 3, as a part of the bulk links campaign) and paste them into the Google sheet to be used with GMass

Please note: you may copy and add any additional columns that you wish to as well

8. Since our aim is to embed the personalized image into the email that is hyperlinked to the personalized video, add another column for Image embed code to the google sheet. Against the first name in this column, enter the following:

="<a href="""&INDIRECT(CONCAT("D", ROW()))&""">"&"<img src="""&INDIRECT(CONCAT("E", ROW()))&""" width=""100%"" />"&"</a>"

  • D is the column in the Google sheet that contains the personalized video links downloaded from Nexweave (the links column)
  • E is the column in the Google sheet that contains the personalized Image links downloaded from Nexweave (the Imagelinks column)
You can replace D and E with the relevant column numbers from your Google sheet. 

Please note: The above code converts the image link and video link into an embed code so that it can be embedded into the email body easily

9. Copy the code across the rows of information in the google sheet

The new columns in the sheet would look like:

10. Once your Google sheet is set up, proceed to GMail to configure your email. 

11. Within your GMass enabled Gmail account, click on the Spreadsheet icon, adjacent to the search bar. Then, select the Google sheet created above.

 12. Once your Google sheet is connected, the Gmail client will automatically open with the To field populated with recipients from your Google sheet.

13. Type in your message within the email composer. To add personalization variables to your email, type “{“ and select the desired variable from the dropdown

Please note: You may notice that the available merge tags are the column headers from your created and connected Google sheet

14. To add your personalized image to the email, select the merge tag for the Image embed code column from your sheet. In our demonstration, this is the column with header Image embed code

15. You can click on the arrow adjacent to the GMass button to view additional settings. You can also send a test message from here

16. Once your email is configured, click on the GMass button to send. 
GMass will send individual emails to each of your recipients and will replace the merge tags (including the image embed code) with the relevant information from the google sheet. 

17. You can have a look at your Sent folder to view the individual personalized emails, delivered in one go!

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