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Add shapes to your images
Nexweave has introduced a brand new Shape component, enabling you to add different shapes and emojis directly into your Image/GIF templates!

The shape component can be located within the Image editor, under Basic components

Please note: shape component is only available for image templates

Click on the shape component to add it to the canvas. Within the canvas, once again click on the shape to open its properties.

You can drag it on the canvas to reposition it and drag out it’s edges to adjust the component’s dimensions

Let’s take a look at each property in detail:

1. Shape Tools

Under source tools, you can select the shape that you want to display within your image. There are 4 types of shapes:
  • Basic
  • Emoji
  • Outlined 
  • Solid : These are the color filled versions of some of the basic and outlined shapes.

In addition to selecting the type of shape, you can also click on the color block to select the colour you would like your selected shape to take. 

Please note: For outlined shapes, the color selector will select the color for the outline of the shape and for solid/ filled shapes, the color selector will determine the fill color.

2. Design Tools

Under design tools,  you can adjust the appearance of the shape component. The following settings can be configured under design tools:

  • Border & Radius: Under border, you can configure the color and weight of the border of the component as well as it’s radius.

    Click on the Border color block to select your desired color and enter corresponding values within the weight and radius input boxes.

  • Blur & Opacity:  You can use the sliders for blur & opacity to adjust the corresponding settings. Naturally, the default opacity is set to a 100 and the default blur is set to 0

  • Height & Weight: The height and weight settings within design tools are not editable (greyed out). This is because the aspect ratio of the component is locked by default.
    You can still adjust the size of the component by dragging its edges on the canvas directly. 

  • 3D Warp: Check the box for 3D Warp and adjust and align the corners of the shape to adjust its appearance.

  • Rotate: You can adjust the rotation of the component by entering the desired value in the corresponding rotate input box. You can also directly adjust the rotation from the component on the canvas. 

Remember to click on Save Template to save any changes! Your image template with configured shapes will be ready to share.
To learn how you can share image templates, please have a look at our campaigns section of articles
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