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Kirim Email Integration
Nexweave recently updated its UI and got a new look! You will notice differences (especially in the colours) between the graphics and screenshots you see in this article and the corresponding sections within the Nexweave platform. Don’t worry though, because the steps and processes this article details remain the same. Moreover, we’re going to updating this article to reflect our platform changes very soon. Stay tuned and keep reading!

Nexweave now enables you to create dynamic, personalized, and interactive media on the platform and share it with your audience with the help of Kirim email!

Let us first begin by creating a campaign:

Configure a Nexweave Campaign

Nexweave's integrated campaigns allow you to select and combine video and image templates to create one-of-a-kind personalized and interactive experiences for your audience.

In case you are unfamiliar with our campaign manager or require a refresher, you can find all our resources relevant to Nexweave campaigns here.

For the purpose of our demonstration, we will be creating an experience wherein a customer receives a personalized image in their email, which is hyperlinked to a video landing page.

       1. Start by navigating to the Campaign section on the left navigation bar. This will take you to the Campaign Manager, where you need to click on Create New Campaign.

       2. Enter the desired Campaign Name and select the Campaign Type that you would like to create. We have chosen an Image + Video campaign type as we want to incorporate both personalized images and videos in our experience. However, you may choose either Image or Video campaign types based on your desired goal and preference.

3. Next, you will be prompted to select the Image and Video Templates that you want to use.

Please note, that only templates that have been created on your account and are visible under 'My Templates' will be available for selection here. You can refer to our documentation here, to learn more about creating Image and Video templates. 

Click on the dropdown for Image and Video templates to select the desired templates.

For our demonstration, we have selected :
  • Video Template: Kirim Demo [VIDEO]

  • Video Thumbnail: Welcome Message - Play

  • Image Template: Welcome Message - Play

4. Select your preferred Image domain and Landing Page URL (you can learn more about setting up custom landing pages here). Click on Save and Proceed to continue.

We will now specify the Activation method for the campaign.

Activation Method for the Campaign

1. Under Activate you will have to select the method you want to use to launch this campaign. The different activation methods have been detailed here. The selection of the method will vary based on the platform you are choosing to integrate with.
For Kirim, please select the method - URL Override Campaign.

2. Enter the Fallback Values for the personalization variables being used in your selected templates. These fallback values will only come into play in case of any missing information for a customer and will facilitate providing a seamless experience.

3. Once you have entered and verified the fallback values, click on Save and Launch Campaign.

4. You will now be able to preview the Image and Video templates selected for the campaign.

5. Click on Get Embed Code to generate the codes that can be then used on the Kirim Platform. A modal appears. Next to Get Embed Code for select Kirim from the drop-down.

6. Now, map the Nexweave personalization variables with the corresponding available variables in Kirim. For the purpose of our demonstration, we have mapped- USERNAME --- Subscriber Name: {{full name}}.

If you have additional variables, you can click on the dropdown corresponding to each to select the relevant Kirim variable. If none of the listed variables match, you can enter your custom variable to create one.

7. Once the variables have been mapped, click on Generate Embed Code to get the Email embed code compatible for use with Kirim.

Now, let's move on to setting up a broadcast message on Kirim.

Broadcast on Kirim

  1. Start by logging into your Kirim Email account, and click on New Broadcast. If you are new to using Kirim or require a refresher, you can access their tutorials to learn how to create broadcasts.

2. Configure Broadcast by setting the Broadcast Name selecting the email ID to be used for sending the email and the subscriber list for the broadcast. You can access information regarding creating subscriber lists and setting up email IDs in Kirim's tutorials.


Click on Next to continue.

3. Now type in the body of the email. To incorporate Kirim's personalization variables, you can click on the @Custom field and select the variable you would like to include.

4. Next, click on this will enable the HTML Formatter for the email body. Copy the code that was generated from Nexweave, and paste it into the email body here.

Ensure that the variables in the embed code are correctly matched.

5. When you click on the Source icon again, you would see an icon of a broken image. Don't worry about that since we have added additional URL parameters and the image will appear perfectly fine when the user receives the email. To proceed, click on Next.

6. Complete the process by clicking on Send Broadcast.

7. Here is how the email would appear when you receive it.

8. When you click on the image in the email, it will take you to the video/video landing page and you will see a video with a thumbnail like this. 

9. Finally, when the user plays the video, it will contain personalization as well.

In just a few steps, you can share your Nexweave powered media with your entire subscriber list!

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