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Collecting Responses From The Form Widget

Nexweave has introduced advanced widgets such as form overlays which allow you to collect your audience information directly from within a form!

To learn more about adding and customizing a form widget, please have a look at the linked article. 

In this article, we will take you through how you can collect the responses received from these forms within a video. 

Please note: Before your video can begin collecting responses for your audience it needs to be released and shared with them. This is possible only after a campaign for this video template is launched.

1. The first step, after your video has been created and customized, is configuring and launching a campaign for this video.

You can learn more about the different campaign activation methods and how to launch them in the linked article

2. The campaign will generate the embed codes and links associated with the video, that can be shared via multiple email, chat, CRM and automation platforms. Please have a look at our integration section of help docs to learn how you can share your Nexweave media via your preferred platform

3. Once your video campaign has been launched and shared, you can begin to track it’s analytics. 

4. Within Nexweave, navigate to Campaigns and locate the launched campaign you created for your video containing the form.

In our example, we have launched the campaign “form video demo” for this.

5. Under Actions, corresponding to the campaign, click on Analytics

6. Within analytics, click on Download Data

7. A csv sheet will be downloaded containing the form responses collected up to that point.

Please note : in our example, we have only collected one sample response. However in the event of an actual campaign you will see an entire list of responses as completed by your audience.

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