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Overview of advanced components
Nexweave now has 2 new advanced widgets, available for video templates, enabling you to build even more exciting and engaging videos for your audience! These widgets are:

1. Tooltip Widget: The tooltip widget adds a pulse/hotspot to your video. When a viewer hovers over this pulse, a tooltip appears that can be customized to contain additional information and even buttons!

2. Form Overlay Widget: The form widget will add a form layer to your video through which you can collect your audience’s name, phone number and email address. This form can be completely customized for its appearance and the information captured can be easily downloaded! 

3. The Logo Widget:  The logo widget allows you to add a logo component directly to your video simply by configuring the company website.

The linked articles will walk you through adding and customizing each of the above widgets.
These new components can be accessed from within the video editor, under Components > Advanced Components on the right hand side panel.

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