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Overriding website variables
Once you complete personalizing your website you will notice that it’s original URL displays none of the personalization updates you just made! Don’t be alarmed. This is happening because we have not supplied any values for the website to use for personalization. 

Here’s how you can use the website URL to override the personalization variable values:

1. Take a closer look at your webpage URL. For example your landing page URL is :

2. Append this URL with the following syntax:

And so on…
  • Where VARIABLE1, VARIABLE2 etc are the variables used in the personalization templates at your end.
  • Value1, value2 etc respectively are the values you want the variables to take 
  • VAR_ is the required prefix in order to override the variable value 

3. So in our example, if we want it to be personalized for:

Name: Shreya
Company website:

The modified URL becomes:

Where USERNAME and WEBSITE are the variables for name and company website, from our selected templates 
You can replace these variable names with the variables you have employed in your selected templates

In our demonstration, we personalized the webpage:

Therefore, our modified URL became:

Go ahead and try it out for yourself for different variable values!

You can also have a look at our use cases, for ideas on connecting these personalized landing pages to forms

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