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Personal details, security settings and changing your password

You can access your account information by clicking on My Account on the left side navigation bar. 

The following details associated with your account can be managed from here:

Basic Settings

  • Under the Basic Settings sub-section, you can view the email and Full name associated with your profile. 

  • You can update the name associated with the account, by entering a different name and clicking on update information

  • You can also click on Upload  to select and upload an Avatar for your profile

  • Remember to click on Update Information to confirm any changes.

Security Settings

  • Under Security settings, you can view the security phone and email associated with your account. 

  • The following steps detail how you can update your password:

1. Next to 'Account Password', you can click on Modify to change your password.

2. Enter your current password

3. Enter your new password

4. Click on Submit  to confirm

5. You will see a message confirming the update in your password

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