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Setting/Changing the background for an image Template

The background serves as the base Image in an Image Template. All personalized text and image elements that are added in the editor are then added as layers to this base

  • If you’re creating a new Image template, by clicking on Create a New Template, the Image editor is launched and a pop-up appears that prompts you to set the background for the template.

  • Alternatively, if you are editing/cloning an existing template, within the image editor, you can click on Background image to change the image in use. The same pop-up for the image background appears.

The background image can be configured in any of the following ways:

1. Uploading a background image from your files
- Click on Upload a background image and then select an image from your files
- Once you confirm your image, you will be directed to the Media Library with your uploaded image selected.
- Click on Done to confirm your selection 

2. Setting a solid color as the background
From the background image modal, select your canvas dimension ratio  or define your desired canvas size
- Then, click on the color block to select the color you want to use as the background for your template 
- Click on Setup Canvas for Image Personalization to confirm
- You will then be directed to the Media library where your chosen canvas color in the defined dimension will be selected. 
- Click on OK to confirm this selection and apply the new background

3. Set a recently uploaded image from your Media gallery
- To set a previously uploaded image as the background, click on the Media Gallery  tab 
- Select your desired background image and click on OK to confirm

4. Setting a stock image as the background

- Within the background image modal, click on Browse Stock Images
- Use the search bar to filter images based on your keywords
- Click on an image to select it. The image will automatically be added to your Media Gallery
- Click on OK to confirm the selection and apply the new background

Don’t forget to click on Save Template to save any changes!

If you’re keen to learn how you can add component layers to this, you can refer to the Create your own Image Template article.

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