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Using Nexweave images & Gifs

Personalised Images created with Nexweave are versatile!

Share these Images by themselves, with your audience or combine them with personalised and interactive video experiences. Nexweave powered media is guaranteed to make an impression

Personalised Image templates can be employed in the following ways:

1. As Standalone media for engagement: Share personalised images by themselves with your contact list. Embed them in personalised marketing emails or share them via social messengers like Linkedin, Facebook or WhatsApp

2. Create automated chatbot responses with Images: Integrate Nexweave images within conversational chatbots for an added personal touch!

3. As Embedded links within Emails: Personalised images can also serve as embedded links within emails. Get Creative! You can hyperlink your personalised images to your website, landing pages or even link them to video landing pages containing Nexweave powered personalised and interactive videos!

4. As personalised video thumbnails: Image Templates created on Nexweave can also be utilised as thumbnails for Nexweave videos! When a customer receives a video, they’re engaged right at the outset and are encouraged by the personalised thumbnail to watch the video

5. As Social Previews for Videos: For personalised/ interactive videos that are shared through Social messengers, Image templates can also be adopted as social preview images.

Why send your audience an unfamiliar URL or generic thumbnail, when you can personalise a greeting for them and instantly gain their trust!  

You can learn how to create image templates of your own from the Experience Editor section and learn more about sharing images and videos from Nexweave Campaigns!

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