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Nexweave Credits

Like most subscriptions have a currency, ours is Nexweave Credits. Each of our premium plans gives you access to a certain number of credits that replenish every month. Let's see how credits work …

  • Credits are consumed when your audience views a Nexweave experience, not when your experiences are created.

  • 1 credit is consumed when 1 video experience is viewed.

  • 1 credit is consumed when 4 GIFs are viewed.

  • 1 credit is consumed when 20 image experiences are viewed.


Say you're running an email sequence using Nexweave Campaigns. Your audience includes 100,000 prospects and you are sending them a personalized email, containing a personalized image that hyperlinks to a personalized video landing page. (NOTE: Every email will contain a personalized image linked to a personalized video for each prospect)

Assume 2% of your audience opened the emails, which means 2% of 100,000 = 2,000 images were viewed. Since 1 credit is consumed for 20 image views, 100 credits would be consumed in this campaign.


Let's assume we have 10% of the email viewers clicking on the image to watch their personalized video, which means 10% of 2,000 = 200 videos were viewed. Since 1 credit is consumed for 1 video view, 200 credits would be consumed in this campaign.

Thus, the campaign took 300 credits (100 for image views and 200 for video views)


As a marketer, you would need to measure ROI on every campaign. Let's check the ROI for the above campaign by taking a look at the funnel.

  • Emails opened = 2000

  • Videos played = 200

  • Actions completed = 50 (Assuming 25% of the video plays resulted in the completion of action through a CTA)

  • Credits consumed = 300

Hence it took roughly 300/50 = 6 credits per completed action.

If you're on the Starter plan, $49 gets you 500 credits i.e. just under 10 cents each and hence the CPA for your campaign would be 60 cents per action. 

Hope this information will help you choose your subscription plan wisely!

You can find details on our pricing by clicking here.

For more details on campaigns and how to run them please refer to the Campaigns collection within the knowledge base.

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