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Making the most of Nexweave

Don't we love it when someone makes something just for us...

Personalization is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing and it isn't surprising that three out of four marketers are deploying some form of personalization in their emails. That's because it works!

Most marketers already use the "Hi {{firstname}}" personalization in their outreach. This basic personalization is not only extremely common now but could also be considered the norm. Such elementary personalization therefore no longer classifies as being 'special' or unique! That's where Nexweave steps in ...

Nexweave helps you create hyper-personalized Images, GIFs & Videos for every member in your contact list, even if you have millions of them!

Here is a glimpse of how different recipients view such images

Message for Kevin from GetEpic

Message for Rado from Hooray Heroes

Message for Vikaas from

From the examples above, you can see how we personalized each image to include the recipient's name, company website screenshot, and website name. An image that is truly hyper-personalized or Individualized to each recipient!

Messages like these are known to catch the attention of your prospects and result in upto 15X improvement in key metrics such as CTR & response rates.

If you're wondering how you can use personalized media, here are a few examples for you ...

Using Personalization in Emails

Personalized Images & GIFs can be included in emails as shown below ...

Personalized Image in Emails

Using Personalised Videos on Landing Pages

Personalized images, GIFs & videos can be included on Landing Pages & Websites as shown below ...

Personalized Video on Landing Pages

Wondering if your brand can deliver an Individualized Customer Experience where a personalized email is connected with a personalized landing page?
The answer is YES! Connected Experiences are also possible with Nexweave!

Connected Experiences with Campaigns

With our Campaigns feature, you can weave multiple experiences into Individualized Customer Journeys like the one mentioned here ...

Personalized Emails linked to Personalised Landing Pages

With Nexweave Campaigns, you can connect hyper-personalized Images in e-mails to Personalised video landing pages through hyperlinks.

CAMPAIGN - Email to Landing Page

Customer Journeys like these have delivered over 9X improvement in performance metrics in some cases!

Sending Personalized Messages on LinkedIn

If you use Linkedin to send messages, You can use Nexweave with it's chrome extension to send send messages like these to your 1st connections on LinkedIn ...

Linkedin Messages to Landing Pages

While we have covered the most commonly used workflows within our Campaigns Feature, there is a lot more you can do with Nexweave using our APIs.

Personalized Funnels with Automation Tools

Nexweave is integrated with automation tools like Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly, KonnectzIt & Integrately! This opens up a world of possibilities for you to connect Nexweave to 1000+ applications and include Nexweave in your sales & marketing funnels, business automation and so much more!

Some of the use-cases for these are ...

  1. Sending Personalised Emails to users when they fill up a form. This can be a Google Form, a Calendly Form or a form on your website/landing page.

  2. Sending Personalised Messages on completing an order (or abandoning the cart). These messages can be delivered to WhatsApp as well if you are using a WhatsApp Business API (or an app that facilitates a WhatsApp API connection)

  3. Show Personalised Messages on Thank you pages once a user has completed an action. Within minutes you can embed a Nexweave experience in most platforms that permit you to embed codes.

We're discovering new use cases every day as our 1000+ community members share them with us! Join our Facebook group and stay updated on our latest updates

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